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Public Relations

Your reputation matters and public perception is constantly changing. We help your brand stay on the right side of public discuss.

Crisis Communication

The importance of the right message in times of crisis cannot be over emphasised. We help individuals and organisations navigate through crisis , using effective and timeous communication.

Media Relations:

We engage in strategic relations with relevant media houses, leveraging our enduring relationships with different layers of key media contacts.

Community Relations

The success of a business is intertwined with the success of its relationship with its host community. We engage in strategic community relations through relevant CSR initiatives and community partnerships.

Internal Relations

We hold tenaciously to the conviction that only an organisation which maintains a transparent, credible, rewarding and respectful relationship with its internal public can excel in the increasingly competitive corporate world. We, therefore, work with brands to create and sustain mutually beneficial relationships between the management and employees.

Image Branding

We employ design thinking tools and strategic engagements to help our clients create desired public image.


We provide out of the box advertising solutions to help new and existing brands with messages that engage and inspire consumers. Our stimulating campaigns give your brand a unique personality. We provide the following advertising services.

TV Advert

With compelling narratives and seamless execution, we craft television films in both short and long formats that evoke strong emotions.

Radio Advert

We create imaginative radio adverts with engaging messages that spur user generated content.

Billboard Advert

At SA&B, we believe in the art of bold storytelling that is why we design compelling billboard adverts and recommend to clients strategic locations to capture the attention of the right target audience.

Print advert

We believe storytelling is a craft, and we have mastered it. We create inspiring print publications with the catchy headlines and the right messages.

Sports Marketing

We collaborate with our clients at different levels and support them in marketing to their critical stakeholders any sporting event which has the biggest impact in the communities served by our clients. We also have the capacity to secure for clients high profile celebrities as brand ambassadors. For clients who already have celebrity-ambassadors, we can manage the ambassadors by creating innovative platforms that enable clients to leverage the ambassadors’ persona and enjoy premium dividends from the clients’ investments.

Sponsorships & Promotions

We support our clients to connect in the most remarkable way with the wishes and aspirations of their key stakeholders through meaningful sponsorships and promotions that hit the Bull’s-Eye. We also create customized platforms for brands to engage with their customers.

Digital Marketing

At SA&B we understand the challenges of managing every aspect of your business, from sales to logistics, accounting, marketing and distribution. That is why we have designed a 360-degree bespoke digital marketing solution to help lift a chunk of the weight off your shoulders. With a vibrant team comprising of young and creative talent bursting with cutting-edge ideas, we provide the following digital marketing services.

Content Marketing

Traditional marketing is slowly losing its relevance. We help brands create emotionally engaging contents that help brands connect with customers.

Social Media Marketing

We bring our professional touch in handling your social media pages. We also help you to grow organic followers.

Digital Strategy

Strategy is the core of every marketing activity. Whatever your digital marketing objective is, be it sales or brand awareness, our team offers bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Search Engine Optimization

We help drive traffic and visibility for your business on search engines.

Events & Exhibitions

We support our clients to connect in the most remarkable way with the wishes and aspirations of key stakeholders through meaningful sponsorships and promotions that hit the Bull’s Eye. We also create bespoke platforms for brands to engage with their customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in the mantra that business is not only about maximizing profit but also about touching lives and creating everlasting impact on the lives of the people in the communities served by businesses, particularly the indigent souls in such communities. We therefore collaborate with brands to identify and promote CSR projects that truly transform lives and societies.